Giles has worked as a boatbuilder, draughtsman and photographer since 2005. He produces CAD models, 3D prints, visualisations, metal castings, technical drawings and graphics.

Sarah works with organisations to improve their online presence, focusing on websites and search engine visibility.

Sarah has worked as a Technical SEO Manager in a digital agency and as owner of a web design business.

Sienna is passionate about working in the intersection of digital, physical and experience designs and is dedicated to developing her skills as a UX/UI designer, mainly through exploring the social benefits of creative processes. She is particularly interested in how creativity can help to serve individuals as a tool for experiences and exploration.

She is captivated by the relation between the designer and the viewer and how one can grow as a designer to make this relationship more successful and create content that is usable and makes meaningful connections. Sienna’s goal as a designer is to make users’ tasks easy to achieve, whilst giving an engaging experience. Whilst designs should be easy to navigate, the experience itself should be exciting and engaging to use.

Sienna enjoys working in an agency environment as she loves working collaboratively with a team. This allows her to create and push the boundaries of what can be achieved both aesthetically and strategically. By working collaboratively, she finds this happens more fluently. 

With years of experience in system architecture and software design, Mike is a skilled web developer who specialises in delivering bespoke solutions for business. Based in West Cornwall, Mike has a diverse portfolio of development projects supporting businesses both in the UK and worldwide.

Dan has worked within the architectural industry for more than 16 years with 12 years of visualization experience. Working alongside many local architects and developers, he has helped to visualize and bring to life their projects. Dan is passionate about good design and the environment, which he reflects in his work. He is based in West Cornwall.

Anne is a facilitator of design thinking and co-design workshops and projects. With her skills and knowledge, she can help you develop your organisation’s vision, goals, target groups, and values . 

In her approach to ideation and concept development, she builds on previous experience as service designer, workshop facilitator, user researcher, policy designer, design researcher, and organiser/curator of design work for exhibitions, conferences, and magazines.

Ruaraidh is a photographer with a background in documentary and journalism. He has worked in the industry for over a decade and has accumulated a large portfolio of clients and exhibitions. Ruaraidh has worked with companies to communicate their brand identity through photography.

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